Remember Harrison Ford’s line in the movie, 6 days, 7 nights? After falling in love with Anne Heche, he decides he wants more than the casual life he has been living. In response to her questioning about leaving his simple life behind, he replies about his new life with her, I want to complicate the hell out of it. This is exactly what I’m feeling right now.

I’m complicating the hell out of my life, and it’s ok. Because change can be a good thing. Change brings feelings of exhilaration and vibrancy and a whole lot of complicated emotions – makes you feel alive…

My mother reminds me, do you realize that you are experiencing about 4 of the most stressful life situations, all at once?

Yes mom, I do.

Her response, well you’ve never been one to do things simply.

This morning, my parents called me at the ungodly hour of 6am to tell me that they were 30 minutes away and did I want to meet for breakfast before they loaded up my trailer to head south? To clarify, 6 am is late morning for my folks – meanwhile, I haven’t slept in about 5 days, so if this post makes no sense, you’ll know why.

Anyway, we got the trailer fitted onto their SUV and they were off with all of my worldly possessions by 8am this morning. Such a weird feeling to have everything you own in a 6×12 uhaul trailer. I did have to upsize at the last minute when I realized there was no way I was fitting into a 5×8.

To all of my faithful readers, thanks for listening, reading….Just wanted to keep you in the loop and keep you posted as to my progress. I’ll fill you in along the way. I’ll be stopping tonight in Charlotte to have a visit with my baby sister and her family, then to Atlanta to stay with a dear friend, and finally, by Saturday or Sunday, I’ll make it to my parents home in south florida.

I’d include a photo of myself but with the bags and all under my eyes, I doubt that you would recognize me…you’ll just have to imagine what I look like after 5 days of no sleep~

keeping the faith…